Serra Center

Serra Center provides living-skills services to adults with developmental disabilities. Our three programs provide consistency and stability to empower individuals to live their lives with dignity, respect and choice.

Many of our clients have been in our care since our founding in 1975 (over 40 years)! It's a true testament to our dedication and longevity!

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RESIDENTIAL CARE HOMES: Focusing on a warm home environment, Serra Center owns and operates four residential care homes in Fremont. We create a comfortable living space that provides the skills, recreation and socialization that each client chooses. Our dedicated team of nurses, physicians and program professionals develop a personal care plan with each individual and their family that addresses all needs and promotes individual choice, goals and dreams. Supervision and care is 24-7 with a 3-1 client/staff ratio.
SUPPORTED LIVING SERVICES: Provides a broad range of services for high-volume support. Includes intensive support such as the use of adaptive equipment and personal attendant care with 24-hour emergency assistance if the need arises. Services are designed around the needs and wishes of each individual with the flexibility to meet changing needs over time.
INDEPENDENT LIVING SERVICES: Provides daily life-skills training and support, with our goal for the individual to lead the most self-managed and least-restrictive life possible. Individual needs and personal choice determines the number of hours that our staff works with each client.

One exciting new project is our 8-week creative dance workshop for 30 of our clients! This will culminate with a final performance!! Our clients truly come alive when they attend our agency-wide holiday parties. The projected cost is $5,000.

Dancing is a perfect combination of physical activity, social interaction, and mental stimulation. Dancing will enhance our clients' lives in so many ways: health, confidence, self-expression, social, relaxation, and fun.

Specific Benefits:
• Physiological: Balance and cardiovascular improvement.
• Psychological/Mental/Intellectual: Increased self-esteem and -expression. Mood enhancement, relaxation. Increased capacity to follow directions and focus on tasks.
• Social: Collaborating and mixing with friends. A unique activity that our clients can look forward to each week.

"Never in a million years did I think I would have what I have now. I'm so lucky to have my Serra Center family - my wonderful Instructor Renee helps me every day, I have my apartment, my roommate and my day program. I have to keep working hard so I never go back there again." -- Donald, Serra Center client

"Serra Center gives us peace of mind, knowing that the care given is dedicated and caring for the good of the clients. The programs have enriched my daughter for 30 years." - Daniel C. Pope, client parent

"My sister Karen has been at Serra Center for many years. She is in a loving family environment and when she speaks of her caretakers, it is with great affection. In all our visits to see her and her surroundings, we have been impressed with the complete care given to her. This includes thoroughness, cleanliness, compassion, encouragement and the development of her identity and self-worth. We are grateful to see her progress." ~Ed Blackburn, client brother