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Your Future, Our Mission.

At the Peralta Colleges Foundation, we believe all students deserve the opportunities afforded by a college education and that motivated students should never have to choose between pursuing their education and paying their bills.

Since 1971, the Peralta Colleges Foundation has been supporting students with merit and need-based scholarships & educational programs to help them realize their academic and career goals.

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According to Time Magazine, the cost of community college has increased 31% over the last 10 years. Because the costs of college attendance puts greater pressure on the limited resources of poor families, low-income students are less likely than students from wealthier families to enroll in two- or four-year colleges and are less likely to complete a degree or certificate program once enrolled.

Putting the benefits of completing post-secondary education even further out of reach for poor families and low-income students is the cost of living in the Bay Area. Consistent with the result of the Bay Area, the cost of living in Oakland is higher than the California average (by 3.9 percent) and significantly higher than the national average (by 36 percent). The most expensive cost is housing - the Oakland average is nearly 100 percent higher than the national average, and even 14 percent higher than the California average.

Together, we can provide access to high quality, educational programs and services that create opportunities and transform lives right here in our community. Your support can provide access to post-secondary education AND can make the difference between a student staying in school or dropping out.

In addition to covering the cost of tuition, enrollment fees, textbooks and course manuals, a scholarship can bolster a student's self-confidence, increase self-esteem and give them hope for the future.

Here's what else your tax-deductible contribution can do:

• $50 supplies a set of scrubs to a future nurse or medical assistant
• $100 buys required books and tools for an aviation maintenance technology student
• $250 purchases books/supplies for student taking 2 classes
• $600 provides one full semester of community college for one student pursing their academic and career goals
This award will allow me to continue to focus on my academic goals instead of entering into low-wage and never climbing the ladder of success. It is my dream that I will be successful enough that I am able to give back to those who helped me along my journey, while reaching out t he community to encourage others to break out and shine.
- Ashley S.

After all the hardships that I've been through, I am grateful to say that I have made it through the dark side of the tunnel. You showed me that I can have a future and have made me feel as if I made the right decisions in life. You have given me hope now that I am going to continue my education.
- Linda B.

I am a single mother, athlete and student who is not currently working and this scholarship will help me with transportation, bills, food and other everyday life expenses.
- Tamba S.

With this scholarship in hand, my determination in achieving yet a higher education is sky high!
- Jacqueline M.