Mobility Matters

Mobility Matters is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization that provides mobility management services in Contra Costa County. Mobility Matters is facilitating collaboration and coordination between public and private transportation providers, creating a network of integrated options that primarily address the mobility needs of seniors, individuals with disabilities, and low-income individuals. Our goal is to find gaps in transportation throughout Contra Costa County, and fill those gaps.

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This year we are launching a new program called Rides 4 Veterans. The idea is similar to our Rides for Seniors program, but the concept is veterans giving other veterans rides to medical appointments, grocery shopping and other critical necessities. We have the funding secured but are awaiting on monetary availability to launch the program. Contra Costa County is excited about this much needed program, there are 65,000 veterans in Contra Costa County, with no in-patient hospital in the county. The closest in-patient hospital these veterans can go to are in Sacramento or Palo Alto. There will be no age limit on the program.

Each $20 donation pays for the recruitment, screening, and training of one new volunteer. This new volunteer will assist otherwise homebound seniors in our community of Contra Costa County, get to critical medical appointments, and grocery shopping. Without this service, many seniors are prisoners within their own place of residence.