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Berkeley Free Clinic

The Berkeley Free Clinic is a community-based, collectively-run clinic, staffed entirely by volunteers. We offer limited primary care, TB testing, STD screening, dental, and counseling services, as well as information and resource referrals. The Clinic serves over 12,000 individuals annually on a tiny budget, and is well-known to schools and institutions as an invaluable training ground for hundreds of volunteers who will go on to pursue careers in healthcare. 25% of our clients are homeless. 52% of our clients are underinsured or completely uninsured. The clinic operates with an annual budget of $425,000. 60% of volunteers say the Clinic has been very influential in their decision to pursue careers in healthcare and many go on to work with underserved populations across the Bay Area after further medical education. Your donation would go towards funding for medical supplies, lab tests, homeless supplies, and general operating funds to keep the clinic open. Watch this video to learn more about our mission: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pg_ZzUVJOt4

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Will I receive a receipt for my donation?
Yes, you will automatically receive an on-screen acknowledgment letter and an e-mailed copy. Every charity profiled on this site is recognized by the Internal Revenue Service and are in good standing, so you can be certain that your donations are tax deductible.

Is there a charge on donations made on East Bay Gives Day?
East Bay Gives works to ensure the day is a cost-effective and successful fundraising campaign. Transactions incur a credit card processing fee of 2.1% plus an additional 10 to 30 cents depending upon the type of credit card used. Donors have the option to help cover credit card fees. Transactions also incur a service charge of 2.6% that pays for the cost of the software. The final service charge is dependent on total donations raised.

Will my information be shared when I make a donation?
The organizations you donate to will receive your contact information once you make a donation. The East Bay Community Foundation also receives donor information. This information will never be sold.