Food Craft Institute

Food Craft Institute (FCI) is an educational organization for traditional food makers, providing classroom and hands-on learning needed to build successful, sustainable businesses.

FCI seeks to reshape the U.S. food landscape by creating a permanent sector of viable artisan food businesses. By creating resources and a support network for food entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds, we're making local economies stronger and local food systems healthier.

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Food Craft Institute makes local economies stronger and local food systems healthier by ensuring the viability of small to medium-scale artisan food business.

FCI offers a unique combination of professional training courses steeped in traditional techniques, practical business skills development and entrepreneurial mentorship. We have proven that through this training, FCI graduates can launch and improve their own food businesses or obtain high-level jobs in existing companies thus invigorating the success of artisan food craft businesses throughout the United States and improving the quality of our food system.

As a not-for-profit organization, Food Craft Institute is committed to providing accessible resources for entrepreneurs at all income levels and diverse backgrounds. Over the past five years, 55% of our student population have been female entrepreneurs and 34% represent minority groups. Currently, over 50% percent of FCI students receive some form of financial aid. Support from your donations will contribute to Food Craft course development, implementation and scholarships for women and minority students from the Bay Area and beyond.
"The course content was fantastic and as we've grown from a weekend passion project to needing to make more complex business decisions, we can't say enough great things about being part of the FCI Community. Every class and event has demystified issues particular to the food business, helping us lay the proper groundwork to remain viable as we grow our dream."
- Jennifer Crane, Alameda Fruit Co

"Business Operations was beneficial for me to sustainably & consciously continue to grow my business. It introduced me to concepts from managing production as I scale, supply chain & distribution, as well as the necessary food safety requirements in a way that was tailored to reach me as an artisan food maker."
- Kathleen Hackett, founder of POP Mama POP!

"I took part in the FCI Fundraising and Pitching Module while in the thick of fundraising for my business. It was an excellent overview of different funding sources that helped us hone our strategy, but most importantly it gave me a huge confidence boost when it came to shepherding potential investors through the fundraising process and sharing my vision for the business with larger audiences."
- Sam Gilbert, founder of Temescal Brewing

"The Business Operations course gave me a lot of direction in some of my weaker aspects of business, especially in financial analysis. I also really appreciated learning directly from food business owners with years of experience running successful food businesses. And the ability to ask specific questions about how they run their businesses was an additionally rare opportunity."
- Sarah Adams, Chico Chai

"I really had no idea about the complexity of the chocolate world. It has opened my eyes and given me even further inspiration to start my business."
- Strider Smith

"Visiting the roasters and coffee shops was amazing! Having that kind of exposure was very unique. It was really helpful and inspiring."
- Rebecca Greeley

"It was truly an amazing opportunity. I appreciate the instructors knowledge and generosity. I hope to take what I learned and someday fly!"
- Wendi Rosenblatt