Since 1989, East Bay Community Recovery Project (EBCRP) has improved the health and well-being of the most vulnerable individuals and families in Alameda County by providing comprehensive and integrated services for mental health, substance use and related health conditions, while addressing housing and employment.

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From the outset, EBCRP recognized the interconnectedness of substance abuse and mental health, child abuse and neglect, domestic violence, trauma, physical health (including HIV), poverty, homelessness, unemployment, and criminal justice involvement. Through services provided by EBCRP, more than 1,150 people annually are shown ways to disentangle themselves from unhealthy conditions and to build healthy and productive futures for themselves and their families.

EBCRP administers 8 programs in Oakland and Hayward, employs 85 staff members and operates on a $7.3 million budget of which 97% is raised from federal, state and local government sources.
"Being homeless and schizophrenic has been very hard on me but at EBCRP I am getting support and learning new skills every day. I feel like a person again and I am riding the waves of improvement." - M.B., age 51

"Before I came to PREP I thought I was the only teenager who had problems. PREP groups showed me there were others too, and the medical staff helped me reduce the amount of meds I was using to treat my mental illness. With fewer side effects I finally felt good enough to go back to school and I plan to graduate in June of 2017." - J.A., age 18

"They took my baby from me at the hospital. I though I would get her back but after I was discharged I went back to using drugs. It didn't take long before I was arrested and sent to jail. I realized something had to change but I didn't know where to start. I was so ashamed. I found out about Project Pride and went there to get help. Today my baby is in Kindergarten and we live together as a family. I could not have done this without the help of everyone at Project Pride. I go back there to tell the other moms that their babies deserve to have a mother and to listen to the staff because they really care." - Alissa, age 23