East Bay Children's Book Project

Every child needs a book. Too many children live in homes without books and attend schools and programs where books are in short supply. EBCBP was founded to help build literacy by putting books into the hands and hearts of children who have little or no access to them. Working through individuals and organizations who help children in need, EBCBP has given out over 1.5 million free books.

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The model for the East Bay Children's Book Project seems improbable if not impossible. Somehow, it has not only survived but thrived beyond anyone's expectations. An all volunteer staff meets biweekly to count, sort and give away children's books. The books are all donated from a myriad of sources. Then teachers, social workers and health care professionals come to our site to choose just the right books for the children they serve. These things don't just happen in a vacuum. The entire community is fascinated by what we do and wants to help. So Salesforce set up a data system for us and Home Depot painted our entire site inside and out. Artists and graphic designers created a great website, brochures and certificates. Contractors donated their services to build walls and ADA compliant walkways. Authors, publishers, book stores and individuals have kept us supplied with great books for more than 12 years. Since we rely on donated books, we are often thrilled by the quantity and quality of the books we receive. Our volunteer pay is the appreciation we get from our clients. In the expensive Bay Area, we do have expenses including rent, insurance and internet.
So close and so helpful, so organized and generous, It's great to have the EBCBP among us, Times are desperate and streets can be vile, But books can help children live life with a smile. -Judy Monnier, Oakland Housing Authority

Conor Kelly Cummins
This place is a holy mecca for any teacher of any level. Wow, just wow. Glad I came with a big bin, filled it all the way to the brim! The kids are going to be so happy with these books for their class library! Everyone that works here is super generous and helpful.

Thanks for all you do to put books into the hands of children. I know the hours are long and the work is often heavy. Please know that my students and I appreciate you so much!- Melanie Perkins, Nystrom Elementary School.

Cristal Banagan
I definitely recommend visiting the EBCBP. They are fantastic. Not only are they exclusively volunteer run, but they are doing a great thing for the children of the ready bay and the educators that work with them. It was a little intimidating at first but the volunteers were always helpful and very organized. And they have great books! Definitely the type of organization worth supporting!