Coastside Children's Programs

CCP provides a safe and caring environment where children learn through experience, play, and friendships - building a foundation for success in school and life. We offer childcare programs with quality educational, recreational, and skill-building activities at our preschools, before and after school programs, and full-time Summer Camps. CCP teachers create a nurturing, safe environment for children to learn and have fun.

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Our goal is to guide children toward success by creating an environment that facilitates growth, strengthens individuality, and promotes creative freedom through a blend of teacher-directed and child-initiated activities. We accomplish this through a skilled group of educators in Emergent curriculum. With over 250 children throughout the year at our five centers, ages 2.5-12 years old, from south of Pacifica to north of Pescadero, Coastside Children's Programs is a big part of the rural Coastside community. Our target population is all families that need our support and true to this, our ethnic and income demographics mirror that of the area we serve - approximately 45% low income families and about 50% identifying as Hispanic/Latino decent. Many of our families pay a tuition that we aim to keep affordable due to the high cost of living in the Bay Area. We serve a diverse base of Coastside residents and with at least 90% of our families working/schooling full time; CCP provides a needed support system for their children.

Our programs are open 7am-6pm to meet the needs of working families; we are also open all year long; we have wonderful and engaging summer camps for school age children with various themes.

Our goal from this CoastsideGives Campaign is to raise $10K to be spent on new windows for our school age site and to buy 10 more Chromebooks for the kids… BUT if people donate $15K we can get new windows at our school age site, use $5K for new entrance decking, and also have $ 2000 for the 10 Chromebooks for the Kids in both preschool and school age sites and also have $1000 for some really cool stuff for our summer Innovation Stations Camps…helping to reach our goal of each child or pair of children in a classroom using a Chromebook for some fun and educational stuff!
A wonderful program and the most caring and giving staff! Highly recommend! C Graham

Fabulous program led by the best EC Administrator I ever knew....loved every minute of the Half Moon Bay program. So blessed by working there with all of them! THe children are SO fortunate that were there...hoping to see their little line of shoes and socks on the porch wall again sometime soon. K Breton

Our cross country move with our 6 (now 8) year old daughter was made GREAT when enrolling her in CCP. As full-time working parents, we put our trust in this amazing program to provide her with a safe, loving, and fun place to be for aftercare. L Rutherford