American Nonsmokers Rights' Foundation

40% of Americans are not sufficiently protected from secondhand smoke. We help callers every day who have no where else to turn. Big Tobacco thwarts efforts to make communities smokefree. ANRF creates comprehensive programs to prevent the deadly effects of secondhand smoke and smoking among youth and adults. We are the vigilant watchdogs of tobacco industry tactics and are working to create a smokefree generation of Americans.

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Like that fresh air you breathe at restaurants, bars and workplaces in most states in the U.S.?
Thank ANRF. We have saved untold lives because of our work. Instrumental in educating communities, ANRF has contributed to real social change by exposing the dangers of second-hand smoke and helping communities get no smoke laws passed. We have protected the health of millions of nonsmokers by eliminating smoking in their workplaces and public places.

ANRF provides support to individuals and coalitions who are trying to make healthy air a priority in their communities. We produce resource materials and publications. We've developed model language for ordinances that thousands of localities have used resulting in strong local laws. ANRF is the go-to authority for research and data on these laws and on the tobacco industry's maneuvers. We make sense of a mountain of data to create useful lists, maps, and other data which are cited in numerous Surgeon General reports and other published research.