The mission of the AdvanceCamp is to support educational opportunities for young men and to provide an effective program that: develops personal/mental/emotional fitness, gives opportunities to develop self-reliance, develops a keen respect for the basic rights of others and prepares boys for participating and giving leadership within their community and world.

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AdvanceCamp was begun to help scouts from all over Northern California finish work on badges begun at other venues, find a counselor and start a new badge and to allow younger scouts to work on trailhead items like knot tying and compass reading. Scouts from smaller units join with scouts from large units to see scouting carried out in person in a group of about 3000 which is likely the largest scouting event a scout would attend outside of the National Jamboree.

AdvanceCamp is working on the 18th year and we have seen double digit growth each year as we introduce new badges and new career path training like welding and robotics. AdvanceCamp volunteers from all over Northern California give up their time and talents to share with the scouts in achieving rank and badge advancement. Less than 5% of all scouts nationally make the rank of Eagle Scout but those attending AdvanceCamp find their success rate higher.