Alameda County Law Library

The Alameda County Law Library enables access to justice by helping people find & use the legal information they need.

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Our mission is to provide effective access to legal information to provide acess to justice. Most of the people who use the law library are not lawyers. Over 90% of the library's income from a portion of civil filing fees, sort of like a user fee. Many of the people we serve are not involved in civil litigation, instead they are trying to transfer property ownership, start a business or just educate themselves about the legal system and thus have not paid that 'user-fee'.In addition, many individuals involved in civil litigation have received a fee waiver which means the law library gets no money from the case they filed.

We're the only public law library in Alameda County whose mission is to serve everyone, not primarily law school faculty or students.
"Alameda's law library is the best in the area. Not only in terms of the excellent research services but also in terms of the staff's willingness to help its patrons. It truly is an invaluable institution, not only for those of us in the legal community who are frequest patrons, but also for members of the general public who may need assistance with legal research from time to time."

"I love this place!!! The ladies/men are so helpful and there is always a place to study & work. They are a wealth of knowledge & are encouraging to those who are doing their research & they may not even know it. Thank you for being here for me & always making me feel like I'm welcomed into your home."

Today the library helped me…"to find out how an illegal alien can get a divorce from a spouse in a foreign country."

This library has been crucial to me throughout my law career. It is an important resource for any attorney who does not work for a big firm - and that is a large group. Solo practitioners, those who work part time at home (e.g., those with children), those with offices in the city but who wish to telecommute but cannot work at home, and simply any lawyer working on a big project who needs quiet, uninterrupted space and may others find the County Law Library, an invaluable resource! Please support it!