A Place of Learning

The goal is to connect two communities: Those with gifts to give, and those with needs to be met. People who need a Mentor, and Volunteers who desire to improve one persons life. One by one we serve the community by working to meet the education needs of all. It includes those with learning disabilities, as well as those who need to believe in themselves.

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We are a Non-Profit program serving those in need of an Education. Our program is free of charge and runs solely on Volunteers. You don't have to be a teacher, only willing to give who you are to others.
APOL began in 2007 through the energy and vision of Bill and Donna Foster after watching a hallmark special "Reading Room" APOL is an after-school volunteer tutoring center assisting children from kindergarten through high school at no charge. APOL is unique in offering the only extra-curricular tutoring help available in Brentwood outside of what is offered by the school district. Many of the students come from home situations where English is a second language.
APOL provides that one-on-one learning support missing from school classrooms. APOL tutors are all volunteers who have passed the mandatory finger printing requirements. Students are encouraged to bring their homework. Parents assist in the process of bringing letters and reports from school. Tutors help parents wade through the information and clarify the issues and requests. Parent/Teacher conferences can be a problem when parents don't speak English and teachers don't speak Spanish. We do our best to sometimes attend conferences with them.

All of our volunteers feel they get more out of the session then they give. The payoff comes through the sense of gratitude they experience at witnessing their students make a genuine progress in their grades. APOL students, in some cases, feel they are started on a course towards college. Along with academic confidence, students develop confidence to move forward.