Enrich a Child, Change a Life

Project Pride aims to break the cycle of addiction, violence, and stress many of our mother's experienced as children. Without intervention, we know patterns are likely to persist. By modeling appropriate ways to parent and providing tangible skills, Project Pride empowers future generations.

Parenting does not come with instructions. When moms come to Project Pride for help, their children come, too. Our Early Education Center (EEC) provides childcare while moms participate in treatment. Our EEC facility is in need of a makeover. Children are inherently hard on furniture and toys. We need your help to beautify and enrich this space every few years.

Your donations will go toward making a space for the children of Project Pride that feels safe, warm, and welcoming. Our goal is to create spaces within our childcare facility that help the children to enjoy these early years which shape their minds and to introduce the belief that the world is a safe place.

Any donations will be used for:

*Book Nook (cozy seating, tons of pillows, soft lighting, BOOKS, throw rugs, fleece blankets, curtains, wall art)

*Dramatic Play Area (costumes for dress up, play kitchen including accessories, work bench with tools, baby dolls and their beds, tea party table and supplies)

*Free Play/Science & Art Area (art supplies, painting easels, play dough, blocks, microscopes)

*Baby Room (baby mats, blankets, pillows, soft lighting)

*Teacher Area (games, white board, cubby racks, posters)


Pillows, Nooks & Books Space

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