Oakland Private Industry Council

It is the mission of the Oakland Private Industry Council, Inc. to provide accessible, high-quality training and employment services to local residents and employers. We provide a pathway between unemployed workers in Oakland, local employers and job opportunity. Founded in 1978, Oakland PIC administers the federally- and state-funded workforce development programs, now under the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).

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The Oakland Private Industry Council (PIC) provides free job training and employment services to thousands of job seekers each year. We do our work because we truly believe in our community. We know that when the well-trained and qualified candidate is connected with the right opportunity, it can only equal employment success.
The Oakland PIC operates three "One Stop" Career Centers in Oakland offering a variety of services in several languages: employment and job skills training, computer skills classes, customized on-the-job training, effective job search, and job retention.
We are your "One Stop" shop with a history of providing support services to people looking for work and the businesses that are seeking to employ them. Whether our customers are formerly incarcerated, low-income, disabled, recently laid off, receiving public benefits, or a veteran, our services are available to assist them in their job search.
"I learned at PIC not to leave anything blank. Be impressionable with employers and on your job applications...As my thinking changed, my behavior changed. As my behavior changed, my character changed. As my character changed, my destiny has changed."
-Myron, job seeker and reentry participant. Myron has now held a job for the past four years.

"The Highway to Work Program at PIC helped me move further on in life. Without this program, I'd still be in the same position I was in. I gained work experience to add onto my resume and growth as a young woman."
-Teaira, participant in our Highway to Work Program

"I'm very grateful for organizations like Oakland PIC. They really care about people."
-Sylvia, job seeker