Music for Minors II (MFMII)

Due to cuts in arts education in schools, MFMII recruits, trains, and supports community VOLUNTEERS (docents) who nurture the love and literacy of music in children's classrooms weekly through instruction, participation, and performances, enhancing academic education with the musical arts. MFMII also sponsors music workshops for teachers and community concerts featuring children's recording artists such as Charlotte Diamond with the MFMII Kids Choir (Feb.11, 2017, Fremont).

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Music is essential to the healthy development of children and for their academic and social success in their early formative years. Brain research verifies how music integrates the brain and is a powerful learning tool while giving children the opportunity for self-expression and team building.

Music For Minors II (MFMII) is about Volunteerism, training, support, raising the level of community awareness and providing enrichment, and that has changed lives and made classrooms, schools, and society a better place. We currently have 81 music docent volunteers serving almost 4500 students weekly in 40 East Bay schools, in 190 classrooms. However, there are so many more children in need of music.

Children are in need of music education. Year after year, cut backs are hurting our local schools and children when it comes to arts and music. Music for Minors II needs your help to keep music alive in children's lives and classrooms. Here is what your donation means:


♪ Free Docent Training in Fremont and Castro Valley, for community volunteers, age 18 and older, who provide ½ hour weekly music lessons in participating school classrooms.

♪ Staff Inservice & Teacher Support to integrate more music into the school curriculum.

♪ Music Workshops for docents, classroom teachers (Staff Development credits provided), and the entire community.

♪ Community Concerts featuring award-winning children's recording artists - children perform with them on stage to enhance their self-confidence and encourage further music study.

♪ Showcase Concerts at local venues providing MFMII students from different schools, performance opportunities on professional stages.

♪ Free Music Resource Centers filled with instruments, lesson plans/manuals, recordings, puppets, books and other props shared by all docents, to offer students hands-on musical experiences.

♪ Free School Presentations, such as "Taiko Drumming," and Family Music Nights sponsored by MFMII.

♪ MFMII Kids Choir, open to students in grades 1-6.

Thank you for your donation and support, your care and your urgency. Please share our page with everyone you know and help keep music alive in the East Bay Area Schools!
"Music makes my students joyful and excited to learn. There is an increased ability to retain information, eagerness to cooperate with peers and a confidence that shines when it is music time."

"The MFMII program completely meets my expectations. Songs and lessons provided are grade level accurate and geared to help teach the curricular units that I am working on with my class."

"Students are engaged, learn music terminology, and a lot of musicology and focusing skills."

"The students have gained more confidence and aren't as self-conscious about trying new things. There are many valuable skills being reinforced and taught through MFMII lessons."

"The students are up and moving. More importantly, they are learning how to read music. The students love it!"

"It gives those students who aren't excelling academically another avenue to be creative and feel good about themselves."

"The students get to experience the joy of music. It gives my struggling academic students something to look forward to and something to be confident in."

"Students engage with each other promoting a sense of cooperation and respect."

"We all enjoyed the program. I welcome it next year in my classroom!"

"My daughter is a Kindergartener at my school and doesn't ever want to miss the days Docent Grammie Liz comes. She also wants to start piano and violin lessons immediately. I'm SO grateful!!!"