Junior Center of Art and Science

JCAS provides fun, hands-on learning for all youth, in the classroom and at our lovely Lake Merritt location. We encourage students to practice maverick thinking through the lens of art and science, gaining concrete skills and conducting creative problem solving. Because of our program, young people across the Bay Area are building artistic skills, conducting meaningful scientific experiments, adopting a growth mindset, connecting to community and bolstering their self-esteem.

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Junior Center of Art and Science offers a wide variety of art and science programming for pre-K through 12th grades, including:

In Touch with Nature series: discuss, meet and draw live animals as we learn about the animal kingdom and web of life (at JCAS or your classroom/learning site)

In the Style of series: learn about specific artists and make a guided painting or collage in the style of their artwork (at JCAS or your classroom/learning site)

African American Inventors workshop (at JCAS): explore a selection of famous African-American inventors and their inventions that we use everyday, plus a hands-on project where you design, make and take a vehicle of the future using recycled items

California Native Americans workshop (at JCAS): explore how the Ohlone and other local Native American tribes lived right here in the Bay Area, and how these families and traditions live on today. Plus, students make their very own Tule reed doll/action figure and play group games that Native American children played over 300 years ago

Artist in Residence at your school/home school site: We would love to collaborate with you to design a custom arts and science curriculum that fulfills national core arts and common core standards

After school studio class: (ages 5-12, at JCAS) explore a wide variety of hands-on art making and scientific experiments designed for all to enjoy

Drop-in Studio Saturdays: (at JCAS, 10:30 am -12:30) Youth and their grown-ups are invited to drop in and make art with our skilled artist teachers. Work with a specific project challenge or simply explore the materials

Summer Camp JCAS: (ages 5-12, plus CIT opportunities for our teen population) A full-time camp experience designed to meet the needs and interests of all students! Offering AM and PM sessions packed with awesome art activities and surprising science experiments. Build a musical instrument, play outside, make a book of cartoons, build a gigantic marble run, design a ceramic treasure box, meet and draw our animals, and so much more...

Jake's Garden: (at JCAS) designed with our 0-5 year old visitors and their caregivers in mind, explore a magical room with a life-sized playhouse, toys and an amazing view of the lake