Aspire Public Schools

We believe that every student deserves the opportunity to go to college. We are changing the odds for low income students to ensure a pathway to college success.

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Aspire Public Schools was founded in 1998. At Aspire we make college a reality for every student. We operate 40 small high-performing public charter schools in low-income neighborhoods, serving 16,000 students. We have 36 schools in California (Central Valley, Bay Area, Los Angeles) and 4 schools in Memphis, TN. There are 11 Aspire schools in the Bay Area located in Oakland, Richmond and East Palo Alto. We have 4 high schools and 7 elementary schools, serving 4,277 students. 86% of our Bay Area students are low income, 95% are students of color and 38% are English Language Learners. We currently have over 2700 students on wait lists for our Bay Area schools.

We are proud of our results. 89% of our seniors graduate from high school, and 100% of our graduating seniors are accepted to four-year colleges. Even though our students graduate college at a rate three times higher than students from similar demographics, the achievement gap on the path to college persists. In three years we will significantly close that achievement gap, and will ensure our students are better prepared for college success. And we will open more schools so college for certain will be a reality for more kids.